A copywriter, I am not – writing about myself is even harder. In this space I will do my best to give you an idea of who I am and try not to bore you in the process. First off, if you didn't notice on your way here, my name is Shaw.

Long story short I like to build websites and consider myself a Front-End Developer. To break it down a little further, I know JavaScript, CSS and HTML [and a little PHP here and there to add a little spice].

In the world of JavaScript there is this term of "tool fatigue." What I think this translates to is that the ability to learn on the go is one of the most important skills a developer can have. The correct tool will change from project to project, so the best developers are the ones that can adapt. I may not be an expert in React, Angular or flavor_of_the_week_framework, but I will love learning all I can while I build a kickass web app.

While not building the next world changing application [slight sarcasm with "world changing"], I like to be outside in the mountains drinking coffee, craft beer and listening to live music [sometimes all at the same time, sometimes each on their own].